"This Time Around" Review by Indie Voice Blog

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Artist Name:  Kim DiVine 

Album Name:  This Time Around 

Label:  Self-released 

Genre:  Pop 

Track Listing:  1.  Maybe Tomorrow; 2.  This Time Around; 3.  Broken Bird; 4. By Your Side; 5.  Stay; 6.  Fancy Things; 7.  Where I am you Are; 8.  Broken Bird Remix 

Review:   Kim DiVine is a fiery ball of energy masquerading as a singer-songwriter.  Her songs reflect her beliefs, and are uplifting, thoughtful and introspective.  She keeps her music simple so that the message does not get lost in the melody.  That doesn’t mean her songs don’t have depth, because she is not afraid to use layers when necessary.  It just means that she prefers to let her lyrical content be the focus of her songs by using just the right amount of musical background.  Check out the title track of her latest album, which is further proof that DiVine is one of the best singer-songwriters in the indie community today.   Further evidence is in the form of “Broken Bird,” a soulful song about relationships and knowing when it is time to move on.  We also love the upbeat “By Your Side.”  The rest of the album is just as good, so we’re putting this one on repeat. 

Recommendation:  If you like music that inspires you, then This Time Around is one of the best.  Run, don’t walk to your nearest outlet and Get this one now!  If you’re in Los Angeles, she’s having a CD Release show at The Hotel Cafe on August 30.