Before the year ends...

I wanted to say thank you!

This is a time of year to reflect and give thanks and I wanted you to know that I am so thankful for YOU! For continuing on this crazy, joyous, and challenging musical ride with me. You've all supported me by coming out to shows, buyings cds and downloads, reading my emails, supporting my kickstarter campaign, watching my videos, and voting for me in all those crazy competitions. Through these highs and lows I am still here plugging away, writing new music, learning new instruments, playing new gigs and working on new projects. I feel blessed to share music with you so thank you again for being a part of the KD family. And for those who have been asking, I plan to release some new recordings of new songs in the coming year so stay tuned for that. I sure hope you had a wonderful Holiday and wishing you a happy and healthy 2014! As an additional thanks I am attaching a free download of my song "winter" to this email. I hope it puts you in the winter holiday spirit.

Click Below to Watch my "Winter" Music Video

Here is a year in review of some videos I've posted in 2013. Hope you enjoy!
1. "Clouds" (Zach Sobiech cover)
2. "Creep" (Radiohead Cover)
3. "Royals" (Lorde Cover)
4. "Fancy Things" live at Witzend
5. "This Time Around" live at Witzend
6. GAP Commercial Spoof: "Back To Blue"
7. "Wake Me Up" (Avicii Cover) & "Broken Bird"
8. "Better Than The Rest" live at Hotel Cafe
9. "Just The Same" live at Hotel Cafe
10. "This Time Around" live at Hotel Cafe

Happy New Year!